A global gaming technology company

Changing consumer attitudes thru killer package design


How to take a proven manufacturer who is recognized throughout the South American region and extend their product offerings into North America, while competing with major companies such Alien Ware and Logic Tech.


We had only 90 days to deliver a complete brand revival while entering into an already cutthroat territory. Our goal – to develop a strategy for positioning, package design, and merchandising that would allow Sentey to forge into an equal brand comparison with already established and trusted manufactures. We needed to persuade mainstream consumers to consider Sentey as a premium brand and be convincing of its innovative product lines of consumer electronics.


Transforming a brand requires telling a story that showcases its value. For Sentey, this symbolized creating a completely new design language to highlight the beauty, innovation, and utility of its products; meanwhile, crafting a personalized journey that facilities engagement throughout the traditional retail, online catalog, and business-to-business shopping evolution. OGK hit it out of the park with the revised (USA accepted) brand overhaul and packaging system.


Product Sub-Branding

A globally emerging brand needed an adjustable framework at the core of its transformation. We created dynamic packaging guidelines along with futuristic character names depending on geography and interests combined. This was to deliver brand excitement, captivating introduction, and showcase talent; however, when it came together it created limitless fascination.

Sentey Professional

With multiple lines and many different types of merchandise, we needed to discover the most effective way to provide their customers easy access to their vast range of products. One company goal was for each category of marketing to receive a better than expected reaction by striking the perfect balance between their direct to consumer and business-to-business partners.

Technology Brand Identifiers

Although our talents are focused within the branding world, the OGK tribe pushed their own limits by working closely with the Sentey engineers in order to obtain improved sound waves to enhanced game experience. We developed a variety of the elements such as memorable product names, hand drawn elements, advanced marks, and graphic layouts. As a result, the remaining segments of the brand system have been re-purposed by Sentey for use across online and offline touch points.

Graphic Elements

Our designers had their work cut out for them in order to develop eye-popping, attention grabbing imagery to cut through the clutter of other gaming systems. Once we understood the ideal audience, we provided Sentey with a super – ultra modern collection of elements that would layer together nicely and provide a futuristic feel, thus matching the visionary approach the company was pursuing.

Package Design

Our client was a regional brand with an unquestionable reputation for product design. They pride themselves on understanding their customers and providing best-of-breed products for the IT and PC gaming industry. We share these same values with Sentey and our two creative teams joined forces to establish a series of captivating sub-brands for their new US based – roll out platform brand. Sentey did not understand the North American market, so it was our role to assist them with the guidance and direction for this key region.

After taking the time to learn Sentey’s core brand values, we designed in the style of its history, culture, and future objectives. Our focus was to develop product packaging that demanded attention and that would facilitate purchasing recognition.

Software UI/UX

Sentey was on a mission to change the way the consumer felt about their brand – from the outside in. Not only was the packaging essential to garner credibility and professionalism, but the experience had to be seamless right out of the gate. Our two teams worked conjointly to ensure that the user could easily customize the settings and be able to enhance the interaction of each Sentey product regardless of age or comfort level with technology.

Package Experience

The exterior packaging clarifies the customers’ decision on whether to buy a product, but if the interior assembly and removal experience is cumbersome and difficult, this may dampen the consumers’ impression – right out of the box.

Sentey needed our help to create an iconic experience that would communicate its brand without any words or even a logo. We wanted every inch of the interior box to be organized and well thought out. The typeface had to be just right; the feel of the paper, gloss, printing technique, weight of the VIP card and instructional language needed to be on point and showcase quality.

That sensory association was reinforced by what’s inside the box: something elegantly presented, cleanly designed, and easy to use. The goal was for the experience of buying anything with a Sentey logo to come with a visual and inspirational response – a Sentey experience.

Multilingual Marketing Campaigns

In order to test the initial package designs and analyze how the US market would accept the first rollout brands, we produced a series of e-mail campaigns customized for immediate reaction and call-outs to initiate awareness, thus start the first phase of the buying cycle.

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Product Catalog

The product catalog was divided into consumer and B2B section. We designed the piece to be a collection of placing all the various sub-groups into one cohesive, easy to follow resource. Our photography technique was to produce laser focused macro shots, combined with artistic elements and fun descriptions creating a winning combination for the internal sales force and retail buyers.

Office Branding

As the new Doral corporate headquarters were based within a highly professional office park, the exterior signage and brand marks required a polished and credible display. OGK came up with fresh new layouts for their signage, lobby, conference rooms, and exterior window treatments by working with their Chief Design office, freelance interior planners, and real estate developers. The results were victorious.

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