To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
OK, Mr. Buckminster Fuller…

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Technically speaking, getting up and going to the fridge to grab a beer involves some level of “strategy and planning.” And, unfortunately, a lot folks out there seem to put forth about that same amount of effort when calculating the way forward for you and your brand. Isn’t it about time you had an agency bring the beer to you?

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Today, everyone and everything seems to have its own “brand.” From low-cut dresses on Instagram to Godzilla-sized swooshes covering cityscapes across the cosmos. The big question that’s always been on everyone’s mind is, "What makes some of these brands successful, and the other ones not so much?" Well, one could argue that it’s (in it’s simplest form) a genuine understanding of the reasons why people care about what your brand is offering. Then the rest is all just creating fantastic excuses to keep them coming back for more.

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“I need that.” One of our most basic human emotions. Buying widgets, services and things that we all must absolutely — and by any means necessary — find a way to possess! That’s what great products do to us. That’s what OGK does to your loyal customers.

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What a big word, huh? Digital. It’s so many things, and it’s constantly evolving and becoming even more things every single second of every single day. From screen to shiny screen and even into virtual Matrix-like worlds, OGK Creative is taking the word digital and — unapologetically — making it even bigger.

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What is that buzzing sound? Do you hear it? Oh, look, it’s a towering neon arrow inviting all the wide-eyed wanderers to see for themselves why your brand is so bleepin’ cool and amazing! Yeah, that’s pretty much what a good brand experience really is. Most of the time there’s a little more finesse and style to it than that but, yeah, you get the idea. ProTip: If you don’t get it, click the “Learn More” button below.

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Engagement is more than getting down on a knee and proposing to your one true love. Engagement is about telling real stories and shaping a cultural movement around your brand for your followers to believe in and spread the good word about. OK, we’re probably killing you with the metaphors by now, so let us be frank — if you don’t have great content, you’re not getting a diamond...from anyone...ever.

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We collaborate, discuss and refine our ideas.

Effective brands always begin by sparking a conversation. At OGK®, we believe a powerful brand platform assists our clients by improving how their story is told — who they are and why they matter. From lifestyle brands to healthcare technology innovators, we have inserted love, emotion, and inspiration to help brands prosper.

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