At OGK®, seeing the world differently is simply scratching the surface.
Amazing? That's just the beginning.


Taking immediate positive action and doing the right thing is more than just words here — it’s an attitude. It’s our way of life. We subscribe wholly to an ever-flowing state of constant forward momentum; submitting completely to our best efforts with every ounce of energy and creativity we can muster. We fight to truly live the lyrics we wrote: “Only Good Karma.”

Christopher Occhipinti

Partner/Chief Strategist

Craig Kuperman

Partner/Chief Executive Officer

Don Tolep

Vice President

Beulah Grueschow

Chief Marketing Officer

John Mock

Creative Director

Greg Wheeler

Creative Writer / Director

Austin Berry

Studios Director

Keith Merritt

Director of Client Services

Ricardo Sullivan

Development Director

Lisa Woomer

Senior Art Director

Sam Parks

Senior App Developer

Jordan Deren

Senior App Developer

Johnny Hedger

Studios Manager & Producer

Cassandra Cabal

Labs Producer

Leon Ofsky

Art Director

Cheryl Coleman

Associate Studios Producer

Manny Quintanilla

Senior Web Developer

Matt Molinas

Art Director

Daniela Diaz

Art Director

Annie McClement

Multimedia Designer

Neil Strauber


Gabriela Juarez


Phil Kalicharan

Video Editor

Josiah Rubio

3D Generalist

Ashton Wall

Video Editor

David Hulme


Tim Graham

Senior Web Developer

Mackenzie Miller

Marketing Manager

Ava zum Tobel


Paloma Rossano



OGK® is a creative agency where design, technology, and content collide—always challenging what is while defining what comes next.

OGK® creates experiences that embrace the unexpected, simplify the complex and generate genuine connections between brands and their audiences. By fusing design, technology, and motion, we craft strategic solutions that bring together people and products—instilling awareness and igniting action. Our focus isn’t on the size of the project…but on the size of the ideas.

We are committed to collaborating with our clients, partners, and each other to shatter ceilings and shock the world. Let’s start something big!

ogk creative product designer doing rebrand in vr
ogk creative creative discussion for branding project
ogk creative designer and editor working on branding project
ogk creative production artist and designer keyboard
ogk creative virtual reality product design for rebrand
OGK Creative studios manager and photographer

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