Nub Cigars
Made to be enjoyed

Big things do come in small sizes


This company was desperately in need of a fresh look and compelling rebrand for their specialty-sized cigar products. Nub had conflicts with the visual and verbal communication of the brand, and it lacked a coherent story that sufficiently related to the style and purpose of its unique shape.


When the client approached OGK with the need to revitalize their signature brand, Nub, we were excited and intrigued. The challenge was to position the new and improved brand to the retail and distribution communities — with a unique identity and story — without diluting the company’s proud heritage.


As always, we initiated the project with a brand audit to determine what was working and what wasn’t. We needed to make an impact, but in a subtle, refined way as to not disrupt its existing brand loyalty. We started out by finding opportunities inside the marketplace to differentiate Nub from the competition. The first industry-changing concept we developed was including flavor descriptions on the cellophane wrappers surrounding the cigars. This may not seem all that significant, but the response was overwhelmingly positive, as were the revenue results.

Package Design

The main focus was how to best unite the Nub portfolio and the master brand’s established design elements — primarily the colors white and gold, natural wood, and classic red and black — while also making the range recognizable in its own right. It all had to reflect the brand’s positioning as “Cigars of Class.” The various styles used were to designed to note the different types of blends for each of the cigars and assist in making them recognizable worldwide.

Retail Education

Many times there is nobody available to guide a customer on the specifics of a cigar prior to or during the purchase process. Therefore, we created the first-ever cellophane wrapper description tool. This was such a tremendous concept because the majority of aspiring aficionados want a mild flavor but rarely understand the components of the cigar itself (leaf wrapper, spice factor, tobacco, region). With this value-based education in hand, novice consumers can now make better purchasing decisions without having to connect with an employee.

Packaging Options

We developed a distinct set of features for each of the portfolio’s sub-brands. This was based on a combination of the cigar’s persona, the back story created, and the feeling we hoped to trigger in the end user. We needed to produce opulence for specific Nub blends, with textures and colors that would compete with similar master brands.

Unique Design

The relationship to the Nub master brand was introduced through assorted graphical resources such as the white and gold color palette and the use of a customized typeface as the secondary logotype.

Materials & Finishes

A carton box is one of the most popular forms of packaging, and it is immensely important and appealing to consumers of tobacco products. We analyzed various forms of carton boxes for protection, transportation and presentation purposes. We analyzed a wide variety of printing and post-printing finishing activities, including various kinds of special inks, papers and printing types.

Target Audiences

To reach the ideal audience, we deployed our cigar-smoking creative crew to research multiple retail tobacconists in Florida. Our education demonstrated that affluent, busy executives were the tailor-made clientele. Factors considered included the amount of time it took to smoke a Nub cigar, price point, and the perceived stature it embodied (it looked the part).

Messaging Strategy

OGK embarked on a complete content solution where the identity and packaging design would echo the positioning and brand story. This even included a Mighty Mouse silhouette on marketing materials to reflect the cigar’s “hearty” character. The brand tagline that we developed, “Made to be enjoyed,” was a universal phrase that could connect with multiple audiences.

Marketing Positioning

With a large variety of manufacturers producing countless shapes and sizes of cigars, standing apart from the competition was a major task. Due to the magnitude and proportion of the Nub cigar, we positioned this unique product based on the available time the smoker had, as well as how and where they intended to enjoy their cigars. Then, based on the personality, price point, quality of packaging and content, we determined that going head to head with major master blends such as Davidoff was the best path to success.

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