Little Moon Essentials
Award-winning earth-honoring products
and life-altering remedies

Refreshing a brand that made a name for itself as a leader in all-natural and handmade products


How to transform a leading 24-year-old, established aroma-therapeutic personal-care products company into a modern-day provider of lotions, potions, mists and oils.


Maintain the culture, essence and feeling of this existing company while creating a present-day lifestyle brand. The company manufactures multiple sub-brands with hundreds of SKUs, requiring a complete packaging overhaul. Construct a remarkable and simple shopping experience for retailers and consumers.


We positioned Little Moon Essentials as the leader in a $14 billion dollar space by using a luxury palette of imagery, inspirational resources and hand-drawn elements. Once the brand narrative and communication manifesto were approved, all touch-points, collateral and materials were enhanced for instant credibility and likability.We also produced sales materials for food and beverage retailers, spas, relaxation facilities and health stores.

Brand Strategy

As our creatives assembled all of the 120 SKUs from the complete brand line, the team needed to audit each packaging element to form a product baseline. From there, the team participated in break-out sessions to plan how we would transform the company, while still paying homage to their culture and loyal clients.

Package Design

There are numerous factors the OGK team has to consider when re-branding a complete product line. Based on customer audience segmentation, the focus in this case was on color theories, packaging shapes, shipping weights, sizing and clarity of typefaces, and design layouts to maximize functionality amongst ingredient content.

Pre-Production Process

The product manufacturing cycle for this project had many moving parts. This included contacting various vendors across the globe, receiving and inspecting different types of containers and packaging formats, applying the established and accepted brand colors to samples, analyzing product shelf appeal and allowing for future scalability.

Product Color Strategy

Color directly affects moods and purchasing decisions, while subconsciously connecting customers to certain previous experiences. Our strategists and designers understood that if the new Little Moon Essentials was on point, they could persuade their client base to purchase the various products. By selecting certain shades and appropriate colors, the packaging would emote energy, elegance and nature.

Brand Family

By producing multiple sub-sets that would relate to the parent brand, we imported an aura of quality, confidence and integrity within the entire line. It was essential that all the colors complimented each other and would fit within the merchandising on the retail, catalog and e-commerce levels.

Brand Families

With all the top-tier products requiring a priority sales plan, we designed sub-groups pulled from their most popular items and placed them into separate brand families. This was necessary for improving sales revenue, working with retailers that had limited shelf space, and expediting the decision-making process at large chain stores.

Lifestyle Brand Positioning

In order to influence consumer perception of the Little Moon brand, relative to the perception of competing brands, we determined the main objective was to occupy a clear, unique and advantageous position in the consumer’s mind. This approach centered around a combination of healthy living, custom-drawn elements and nature.

Digital Experience

With seven separate product categories, hundreds of SKUs, multiple social media platforms, an e-commerce unit, store locator data, rewards, account help and more, the electronic resources for Little Moon needed to be well organized and easily understood, modern and sophisticated — all at the same time. The new website has received rave reviews from both consumers and retailers alike.

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Custom Iconography

This was a fun part of the project. Our team created a complete database of all the ingredients used across the company’s various product lines. We then built a robust tool for users to search by product-specific filters or ingredient-specific filters, depending on which benefit they were choosing. Creating a design system based around all the ingredients helped to establish consistency between all the symbols.

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Category Landing Pages

Little Moon wanted to convert more site visitors into leads, and we recognized there are always search engine benefits to increasing the amount of landing pages. Once we developed four separate categories into sub-groups, it immediately provided variety, selection and identification of different interests.

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Knowledge Center

Our intention was to provide helpful advice to their customer base for an array of reasons. This included education, improving the end-user experience, simplicity and avoiding complications. Consumers frequently investigate best practices and how to obtain coupons, rewards and ongoing promotional points.

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Advanced Checkout

To improve the purchase experience, our designers and programmers equipped the shopping cart with three easy-to-use filters. This allows the user to select which key ingredient they desired, what they were feeling, and which collection to pull from.

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Awards & Perks

In order to improve the Little Moon loyalty program, we designed a rewards platform that would improve stickiness against competition, increase audience participation and drive repeat sales throughout the year.

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Major Retail Chains

Once the new brand platform was approved and ready to go, the sales and marketing efforts ignited retail alliances with some of the largest establishments in North America, including Wal-Mart, Amazon and QVC.

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