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The language of business has many dialects. This company speaks them all.


The competition in the global translation services business is massive. Since major corporations have a difficult time separating the various language-service providers from one another, creating a current brand platform that demonstrates the unique differentiators in a memorable way was a tall order.


NLG needed to create a new marketing communication strategy, as their business had matured and the industry shifted over time. With their internal brand requiring a modern approach toward all their marketing and communication resources, NLG was seeking to produce new visual designs, content, imagery and digital assets that would help the company grow over the next decade.


We began the transformation for NLG with a in-depth SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis. We then moved into service-based focus groups and marketing surveys, coordinating with select vendors, staff, management and current clients. Once the creatives at OGK understood the issues and spent time with the NLG team, we produced an extensive brand playbook that allowed them to compete head to head with the largest players in the space and connect easier with industry leaders. The new tagline and design elements immediately produced results that exceeded management’s expectations.

Art Direction

Photos of shaking hands, globes and keyboards oversaturate the localization industry, and they don’t accurately represent what NLG does as a company! Through a combination of unique imagery, videos and iconography, we made sure NLG stood apart from the rest.

NLG has a wide scope that allows them to understand markets from a global perspective. At the same time, NLG’s personalized approach allows for a focus on specific regions and cultures. We chose to represent this through beautiful “bird’s-eye view” aerial photography that showcases the end users out in the world.

With potential clients all over the globe, sometimes a face-to-face conversation simply isn’t possible. “Team Talk Videos” was our solution to begin these conversations and help NLG tell their story. Each video features an NLG team member sharing his or her thoughts, experiences and perspectives on various topics. From industry innovations to case studies to challenging projects, these videos position NLG as a collective of thinkers, and as a hub for education and information. Team Talks also provided us with original, sharable content to showcase on their website, in e-blasts, on Youtube, on LinkedIn and in other forums.


NLG provides companies with so much more than language translation. Their company is about utilizing innovative technology, creating custom solutions and collaborating with passionate people in order to help companies “Tell the world.” Whatever the client wants to “say” or achieve, NLG has the experience and the ability to understand and help accomplish the task.

This tagline — Tell the world. — is both concise and impactful. These three words can be easily translated across multiple languages. “Tell the world” is a call to action. It’s an inspiring message that compels clients to engage with the NLG team in order to achieve their globalization goals.


We created custom iconography to represent each of NLG’s industry specializations. These icons are unique to NLG and helped us establish a visual language. Most importantly for NLG, they’re universally recognizable.

Life Science Microsite

OGK worked closely with NLG to create a portfolio of subsidiary brands that could be positioned in several key industries. This strategy allowed NLG to focus on a specific demographic, while creating materials to engage directly with their audiences.


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Website Design

NLG came to us with a cluttered, outdated and unintuitive website. When tackling the redesign, our main goal was to streamline all the information while infusing some of the personality and friendly charm that keeps clients loyal to NLG. The new design is clean, open and modern. Information is much more discoverable and digestible. The website is fully responsive and adaptable to look beautiful on any screen size and/or platform — from desktop and laptop to smartphone and tablet.

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This was our first time working directly with a branding agency, and OGK has far exceeded our expectations.

Michael Oettli, NLG Managing Director

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