An iconic tower, re-imagined to exceed the standards of tomorrow’s companies — today.

Clark Tower Banner

Re-introducing a familiar face with a fresh perspective.


The Clark building is “old” and has a “checkered history.”


Change the perception of Clark Tower. How do we create a buzz around new prestigious tenants, upgrades and sense of “community?” Let the world know that a CLASSIC has been REBORN.


OGK developed a total brand transformation that would immediately change the mindset of this Memphis business leader. We accomplished this using multiple techniques including an analysis of their current brand resources, updated configuration of interior and exterior design, powerful brand awareness campaigns, unique marketing concepts that catered to brokers and realtors, and creative targeted experiential events.

Creative Consulting

This was the brilliance behind all the creative execution. OGK identified various marketing opportunities through the Clark Tower brand, while developing engaging and relevant ways to connect to targeted audiences. With numerous campaigns, implementing the most efficient messages across their real estate platforms was essential.

Media Plan

Almost everyone in the Memphis area was aware of the Clark Tower, but very few knew about the brand transformation and remodeling that took place. Therefore, educating the local marketplace was fundamental for the success of this program. The overall plan included generating advertising that forced prospects to take notice, tracking incoming requests, and customizing specific media outlets and requirements along with matching various creative elements for each media vehicle. OGK continued to compare and contrast the strength and value of each media on a consistent basis. The media plan involved relationship building for added bonuses, negotiation with the various reps, discovering new media options, tracking impressions and analyzing metrics for returns on investment.

Persuasive and Influential Marketing

We worked backward from the desired end goal to initiate this imperative stage. OGK produced both pull and push strategies to accomplish the various objectives we were given. In order to influence the movers and shakers in Memphis, we showcased the building through the eyes of the community’s most highly-recognizable leaders. This occurred by capturing testimonials from happy and excited business executives enjoying their new space. While collaborating with select brokers, OGK provided comprehensive amenity guides, tenant referral programs, articles, flyers, stationary packs, events and post card mailings to help spread the gospel.

Digital Platform

Since users spend over 87% more time on digital platforms than other media forums, our team focused on eye-catching imagery and customized content designed to immediately instill emotion and forge action in this space.

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Multi-Media Campaign Support

Decision makers and business leaders are constantly changing the way they search for new office space. Therefore, we needed to adjust the marketing strategy and identify the tools required to be impactful, while being able to quickly track top-performing resources. At OGK, we don’t rely solely on reports and analytics. We review the combination of interactive internal mechanisms, along with the collected reports, for a blend of overall marketing intelligence.

Digital Banners

It was important to create urgent digital messages that motivate a user to click on the banner ad the moment they see it. With messages like “Meet the new Clark, “ the message was clear and simple — now is the time to take action.

E-mail Marketing

Our e-mail communication strategy was to flip the old model on its proverbial head. We built a more scalable model that would initiate with awareness and end with conversion. We teamed up with leveraged strategic alliances that had interested built-in audiences who would welcome an e-mail message via opt-in requests. This provided instant credibility and connections within the prospects’ minds.

Social Media

According to the research, 94% of millennials and 84% of baby boomers used various social media sites to search for their future office space. However, only 9.2% of that same audience responded to incoming messages. The real estate industry was listed as one of the most challenging industries for attracting social media viewers and users. To avoid wasting time and finances on useless platforms such as Snapchat, our game plan was to select choice, premium contextual platforms such as Facebook to engage, connect and remind. We demonstrated the lifestyle within the building as the “social” in the media, rather than bland, functional content to simply check a box.

Experiential Events

Audience optimization requires the juggling of many moving parts. Before we began coordinating a specialized live event, we sought to discover what our target audience desired in the category of office space. We then developed interactive, fun events that drove engagement and allowed for simple follow-up techniques.

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