This Thing Rips
Revolutionizing the Vaping Industry

It’s not all smoke and mirrors.


Leading manufacture of Vape Pens and Accessories desired to enhance revenue, transform outdated packaging, increase market share, and develop strategic alliances with indirect competitors and publishers.


How best to become the go-to source for 3500 vaping shops & lounges across North America.  Promote various ways to connect with a tailored audience of 18-25-year-olds. Produce never seen before marketing campaigns that resonate with an inflexible, skeptical audience of users.


Prepare the necessary education & research through focus groups and interviews.  Compile and execute a new merchandising platform with eye-catching colors for retail distribution.  Create new sub-brand product names to connect better with the millennial population. Produce a series of fun short-form videos to be played on social media platforms, while partnering with High Times magazine for maximum audience share. Disseminate materials to store owners for the education on selling techniques and placement of complete product line.

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Artist Promo Series

For the launch of the new RIG Editions, we partnered up with local artisans to showcase the on the go rig experience.


Transforming outdated packaging is about much more than creating a new look. Our product-centric designs display the product immediately, and their unregular shapes demand attention in a crowded shop. While developing new packaging for these vaping products we created a stimulating unboxing experience. The packaging is designed also to function as a display case to show off the rigs.


As part of our social media roll-out strategy, we created our own talk show using micro-influencers to generate excitement about the products and create a buzz around the brand.

Promotional Podcasts

To cultivate good relations with distributors our team of micro-influencers set up in-store live-streaming podcast style videos discussing aspects of culture and promoting This Thing Rips products as well as welcoming viewers to check out their local shops.

Beyond the Screen

While online content is a great way to initiate a connection we wanted to pull in our audience beyond their phones. A great example of how we accomplished this was through a local hands-on scavenger hunt for prizes. We were able to create a buzz and get our audience fully interacting with #ThisThingRips.

We partner with brands of all sizes at every stage of their journey.