Centra Healthcare Solutions

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Healthcare staffing companies struggle to remain relevant from massive competition. They also have a difficult time explaining to prospects why they should be selected to work exclusively with them, versus their main competitors, since the service offerings and industry acronyms are so similar.  Since healthcare professionals vary from 21 years old to retirement ages, connecting on an emotional level with various ideal prospects and candidates is always demanding.


Centra Healthcare Solutions wanted to be portrayed as a fun, fresh and lively brand that could appeal to all types of people.  The look and feel of the website needed to draw people in through imagery and language that was approachable. It was also important that the design, both logo and copy could withstand time and be relevant for the next 5-10 years. The client placed demanding goals on OGK to hit within one year.


OGK listened attentively, asked relevant probing questions to uncover the essence of the Centra Healthcare brand, brainstormed cohesively, helped to discover the real voice they wanted to portray within their web universe. OGK also utilized various pieces of technology to provide up to date feedback with regards to the project timeline and milestone accomplishments. Results:  Moving to a mobile friendly website and freshening up the look and feel of their brand resulted in a 47% revenue increase in 12 months and an application conversion increase of 68% in 12 months.

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