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Designers at OGK Creative work on a diverse range of projects from startups to established brands. OGK’s tight-knit culture encourages close collaboration between all disciplines while paving the way for designers to push the boundaries, contribute ideas, and learn something new.

We’re seeking multifaceted designers to collaborate with our team on brand identity systems, collateral, websites, web/mobile apps,  and any other interactive, marketing, and communication challenges that design can solve.

For OGK Creative, design is the process of thinking, planning, and imagining products that effectively solve problems for our clients. In addition to creating compelling visuals, our design team plays a key part in crafting intuitive user experiences through wireframing, mapping user flows and navigation, and developing micro-interactions.

Our design team is always evolving and eager to explore innovative solutions that’ll help our clients grow their business.


At OGK Creative, we value openness, constant communication, and a sense of humor. No matter your level of skill, we look first and foremost for cultural fit.

  • Experience: 2+ years professional experience. Solid knowledge of industry tools and understanding of designing intuitive and responsive user experiences.
  • Creativity: Strong visual design aesthetic and conceptual thinking. Strong handle of layout, user navigation, typography, colors, and image composition as applied to web and mobile experiences.
  • Leadership: Can work both autonomously and collaboratively with the team. As a designer, you will not only be expected to flawlessly execute other team member’s ideas but to also play a key role in the creative process.
  • Communication: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, especially when talking about design.
  • Skills: Comfortable working in the Adobe Suite. Working knowledge of HTML/CSS preferred but not required (our designers are not expected to build websites).
  • Time Management: Excellent organizational and time management skills.

*We’re stoked you’re interested in possibly becoming a part of the OGKrew, at this time, due to a high number of inquiries, we are only responding to those who best qualify for the position. Thank you!

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