Families in Need Foundation launches new website and branding campaign


PORTSMOUTH, RHODE ISLAND – The Families in Need Foundation today unveiled a new corporate website and brand platform to help raise awareness about, and funding for, families being affected by cancer. More than 60% of those families will face significant financial hardships during the process, and the Families in Need Foundation is dedicated to providing help and hope.

“There is a tremendous need to bring public awareness to an essential part of the cancer treatment process that continues to wreak financial havoc on families,” said Mark Epstein, CEO of the Families in Need Foundation. “In some significant way, my hope is to make a difference to as many families as possible in an effort to lighten the financial burden.”

Looking to develop a new inspirational brand and communications platform, the Families in Need Foundation turned to OGK Creative in Delray Beach, Florida. For the brand reveal and upcoming awareness campaigns, OGK Creative produced a video, website, digital and print ads, press releases, and a series of internal marketing resources and collateral.

“If even one family can receive a bit of financial relief due to our efforts on this project, it was worth it,” said Kristin Smeehuyzen, Senior Designer at OGK Creative.

After analyzing where donations would have the greatest impact, the Families in Need Foundation teamed up with Boston’s Children’s Hospital, which created a specialty program called Extraordinary Needs Funds. The nonprofit fund’s primary focus is helping children recover from cancer surgeries and treatment.

For OGK Creative this was a passion project, as team members have been dramatically affected by the loss of loved ones to cancer.

“We were proud to partner with Families in Need and honored to support an organization that does such incredible work,” said Chris Chris Occhipinti, co-founder and principal owner of OGK Creative. “They make such a tremendous difference in the lives of so many, and we wanted the Families in Need Foundation to know how much they are valued and appreciated, which is why we dove deeper on this and created more than was requested.”

For more information, visit familiesinneedfoundation.com.

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