Village Capital | PayPal Fintech selects Medxoom

Medxoom is pleased to announce it has been selected for the Village Capital | PayPal Fintech program.  The program provides extensive collaboration and networking opportunities with leading bank, finance, and insurance firms to help Medxoom achieve scale quickly.

Millions of families and small businesses in the United States are in a financial squeeze… In 2016, 57% of Americans said they could not afford to pay unexpected bills. Many individuals struggle to find savings and insurance options that fit their lifestyle and improve financial resilience.”

“Fintech startups often rely on partnerships with large institutions; banks, retailers, and other distributors to achieve scale. We streamline this process, helping startups connect with decision-makers at large institutions seeking solutions around financial health.”

“Village Capital and PayPal, with an ecosystem of partners including Black Rock and Access Ventures, will scale and support innovative FinTech ventures.” – Village Capital PayPal Fintech 2017

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