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Production Traffic Manager

Hi! We’re OGK Creative, a 10-year-old brand strategy and marketing agency, based in sunny South Florida. We’ve worked with brands in multiple industries, including health & wellness, sports & entertainment, food & beverage, arts & education, and more. We are a creative pack of individuals with mean skills, a cool work environment, and a motto that fits our OGK name: Only Good Karma.

Enough about us, let’s talk about you. We are looking for a bright, personable, and highly organized entry-level Production Traffic Manager. Are you comfortable interacting with creatives who may have drifted off track because their creative genius has taken over? Are you able to juggle multiple projects, tasks and subtasks at once? Do you get giddy at the thought of naming-convention compliance and color-coded files? Are you a genuinely nice person, yet not too nice when deadlines have to be met? Do you have a sense of humor?

If you thought “hey, that sounds like me,” then we need you! Here’s a little bit of what you can expect, if you were to accept this position:

Projects. Lots and lots of projects! They all need to be entered into Wrike (the project management software we use) as they come in. That’s where you will live, in Wrike. So if you have any experience with this particular software, you are ahead of the game.

We will look to you to help us improve our use of the software and help tweak our processes for better visibility and efficiency wherever possible.

All project details will be provided by the Account Directors, but there may be times when we need clarification before submitting the jobs to the Creative teams. You may be asked to call or email the client to get answers, so a professional speaking voice and professional writing voice are essential.

Projects will need to be assigned and given a deadline. Together with the Account Directors, you will create the production calendars and establish the deadlines based on our clients’ needs and our realistic capabilities.

You will also be using Adobe InDesign quite a bit to create internal calendars that are shared with clients and the creative teams to ensure each party is on the same page throughout the lifespan of a project.

Once projects are assigned, you will need to monitor those deadlines daily to make sure everyone is on schedule to deliver. And if not, you will help problem-solve to get that person support so OGK can continue to reach every deadline on time!

You must play nicely in the sandbox as you will need to coordinate with project managers from other departments. That shouldn’t be hard, OGK employees are great in the sandbox!

Weekly Production meetings will have to happen, and eventually, you will be leading them. We need you to be OK controlling a group of creative people, so the meetings can happen quickly and efficiently.

At the beginning of each month, we like to take a look at how we are doing. You will help by running reports in Wrike and distributing them to the Executive Team.

And finally, you will likely be asked to put on other hats as needed. We are a team here and there are times when all-hands-on-deck are required!

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