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3D Artist/Animator

Hi! We’re OGK Creative, a 10-year-old brand strategy and marketing agency based in Boca Raton, Florida. We’ve worked with brands in all different industries, from lifestyle brands to healthcare, sports, food, and more. Our clients travel from all over the world to utilize our renowned studio, design, branding, illustration, and development skills.

Enough about us, let’s talk about you. We are looking for a bright, ambitious, and dedicated self-starter to join our team and help drive successful brands on the Studios team. Are you comfortable interacting with creatives and brand strategists? Are you able to juggle multiple projects at once, while on a unicycle? Do you know 3D software like the back of your hand? Are you a genuinely nice person?

If you thought “hey, that sounds like me,” then we need your help. Here’s a little bit of what you can expect:

  • Sourcing appropriate reference materials for required assets or synthesizing information from project team members that have provided background research about the asset.
  • Creating production-level art assets, including characters, products, and environments for animations, interactive environments, and marketing materials.
  • Creating textures using traditional artistic skills and procedural tools, laying out UV coordinates, and sculpting high-resolution normal maps in Blender.
  • Rigging assets for animation, painting weight, and skin models in Blender. 
  • Animating realistic movement in Blender for product videos, commercials, and VFX.
  • Rendering, managing render files, and compiling animations using Blender and After Effects.
  • Attending strategy meetings and other miscellaneous meetings throughout the design/production process to discuss schedules, deadlines, and ongoing organizational needs within the Creative and other departments.
  • Reading scripts and storylines to understand animation requirements.
  • Working with OGK designers to create graphics, and basic animations for those graphics for use as lower thirds, on-screen text, logos, and more.
  • Working with OGK studios to create visual effects and animations for commercials and presentations
  • Organize, color, and retouch photographs.
  • Managing the Studios and Creative servers.

But wait, there’s more!

When you join the Studios team, you will also be assisting with:

  • Creating environments, setting up lighting and materials in game engines.
  • Creating 2D assets and compositions for animations when necessary.
  • Creating 3D assets for physical production using CAD.

That sounds great and all, but what do you need to be successful in this position?

  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro or Davinci Resolve, Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine; and Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
  • Proficiency with MacOS and Windows
  • Expertise in creating 2D animations using After Effects
  • Expertise in creating 3D assets, animations, and renders using Blender, Cinema 4D, or Maya
  • Expertise in modeling and rigging character models in Blender, Cinema 4D, or Maya
  • Some experience in creating visual effects and editing video in After Effects
  • Some experience with creating interactive experiences using game engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine
  • Some experience with solid modeling, CAD, and 3D printing 

Just… fantastic! Where do I apply?

If you’re ready to apply, simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you if there’s a good fit!

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